What is CogniFit

Methodology and scientific references

CogniFit is a healthcare company, founded in 1999 by Professor Shlomo Breznitz and oriented to assess and improve cognitive health. All of our exploration and brain function stimulation tools are scientifically validated. We are present in more than 15 languages, and we work and collaborate with hospitals, universities, foundations, and investigation centers around the world. CogniFit is currently a market leader, recognized and used by the scientific community and international companies.

Our neuroscientific program is lead by an international team of scientists, neurologists, and psychologists that investigate and combine the latest discoveries about the brain with advanced algorithms making simple tasks in the form of games. This professional neuropsychological exploration and cognitive stimulation program is based on scientific methodology and is able to measure, train, and accurately monitor concrete cognitive abilities and their relationships with neurological pathologies.

The technical development is made up of a complete computerized battery of tasks that allows for the assessment of over 22 fundamental cognitive functions, clearly defined and subjected to objective measurement controls that provide standardized age and demographic criteria based on the results of thousands of subjects. These abilities are validated in multiple investigations. Through the cognitive data received by the exploration and the normalization of the results by age and country, CogniFit understands the particular cognitive condition of each individual and can offer a personalized brain training program. These skills have been validated in a number of studies.

Neuropsychological exploration and cognitive stimulation

The CogniFit methodology consists of a comprehensive battery of scientifically based tasks. Each of these exercises was carefully selected and categorized to measure powerful brain functions. The relationship between these brain functions and the presence of different pathologies and disorders was recognized and validated by the scientific community.

All of the tests and tasks from CogniFit are validated by independent studies in representative populations, using the placebo system to measure and follow their effectiveness. Cognitive and neurological assessments are always done. These assessments are done independently from CogniFit before and after each intervention. All of the scientific literature that is based on our affirmations and results is developed with our software and tools. We work to offer consumers and professionals serious and proven tools that will allow for precise assessment and stimulation of the validated cognitive abilities.

We continuously collaborate with investigators and the scientific community to ensure that the latest discoveries are integrated into the program in a serious and professional way. The more than 20 cognitive abilities that CogniFit assesses and trains are carefully chosen to represent a complete image of human cognition. Each of these evaluated functions are based on hundreds of data and scores, compared using a powerful algorithm with average demographic based on the evaluation of thousands of individuals. The improvement in cognitive abilities after a period of stimulation with CogniFit are validated by many independent studies .

CogniFit for investigators and healthcare professionals

CogniFit offers a comprehensive cognitive screening of the patient. These data and results are of high value for health professionals and researchers because they represent a reliable source of support and diagnostic support.

CogniFit’s neuropsychological assessment provides useful information to be able to identify and recognize determined brain disorders, and monitor the patient’s intervention and rehabilitation. All of our products are focused on the exhaustive exploration and careful training of the measured cognitive abilities through regulated CogniFit assessments. These tests were designed and fine-tuned over the last 15 years, carefully choosing the best and most extensive literature and paired with previously existing scientific tools.

CogniFit for individuals, families, and schools

CogniFit is also oriented toward individuals, families and schools: by playing different mental games, you can discover your cognitive state. Thanks to the database and the development of advanced algorithms, CogniFIt understands the particular cognitive state for each individual and offers a personalized brain training program. Everyone is unique and deserves a training program adapted to their specific needs. By precisely measuring the performance of brain functions, CogniFit automatically creates a personalized training program. The selected tasks and their level of difficulty are dynamically combined based on the specific needs of the user.

Platform For Health Professionals

Neuropsychological exploration, stimulation, and cognitive rehabilitation tools

CogniFit Platform For Health Professionals. Get access to multiple cognitive measurement, analysis, stimulation and/or rehabilitation instruments. This neuroscientific platform was designed specifically to help healthcare professionals (doctors, psychologists, etc.) with the detection, diagnosis, and intervention of cognitive disorders

This innovative online platform is a professional tool that allows healthcare professionals to:

  • Perform a complete screening of the patient’s cognitive functions.
  • Detect possible cognitive deficits to recognize and understand determined pathologies and effectively identify a diagnosis.
  • Monitor the patient’s progress and rehabilitation.
  • Design computerized brain stimulation and/or cognitive rehabilitation tools for your patients by using different clinical exercise batteries.

Neuropsychological assessment of your patients

Neuropsychological Assessment Battery for healthcare professionals:

The online platform for health professionals from CogniFit is a battery of neuropsychological tests and standardized tools that allow for a complete cognitive screening of the patient*. The information and results presented in the platform are highly valuable to the healthcare professional because they represent a reliable diagnostic resource.

This online cognitive test battery allows the doctor or other specialists to explore and understand how the different cognitive domains work in each patient.

  • Using a computerized neuropsychological exam, we are able to measure 20+ fundamental cognitive skills.
  • This assessment allows the professional to detect any deficit and score the severity of the cognitive alteration.
  • The platform for health professionals allows you to compare data to a set of references and create graphs and reports.
  • The neuropsychological assessment from CogniFit provides healthcare professionals with a highly valued tool to help identify and recognize determined disorders.
  • This tools allows you to monitor the each patient’s intervention and follow their rehabilitation.